Vance Badawey

Your member of parliament for

Niagara Centre

Vance Badawey

Your member of parliament for

Niagara Centre


SOFIFRAN Receives Federal Funding

From appointing the first gender-balanced federal Cabinet in 2015 to introducing the first federal budget with a gender lens in 2018, advancing equality continues to be at the heart of our Government’s decision-making.

It’s not just the right thing to do; it’s the smart thing to do.

We know that when we invest in women, we strengthen the economy for everyone.

When we increase the number of women in leadership, we create more diverse workplaces and reach better decisions. When we remove barriers and help more women join the workforce, we are not only enhancing equality, we are expanding our capacity to grow the economy. And when we help ensure women’s economic security, we create the right conditions for women and their families to thrive in every area of their lives.

That’s why I am happy to announce that the government is providing $269,582 to SOFIFRAN for their project, Sécuriser les femmes du Niagara(Securing women in the Niagara region).

As many of you know SOFIFRAN is committed to helping with the social and economic integration of francophone women immigrants in the Niagara region. In this 36-month project, the organization will work with various partners to develop a practical and comprehensive child care and transportation model that addresses the needs of low-income francophone immigrant women facing barriers to employment.

The organization will conduct research and a needs assessment using gender-based analysis and will also use focus groups of francophone immigrant women to develop a strategic plan to provide concrete solutions to the challenges facing working mothers.The project will result in the development of a comprehensive child care model to be tested in collaboration with partners in the region, and could become a best practice model for similar communities across Canada.

Projects like this will create a real difference for people in our region, and will help bring us closer to gender equality across the country.

This project was selected under Status of Women Canada’s call for proposals entitled Support for Women’s Economic Security, and organizations are receiving funding to carry out local projects that address the major barriers facing women’s economic security.

These barriers are quite well-known. The gender wage gap, unequal pay in the workplace and the need for more flexible approaches to childcare for working women are just some of them.

By identifying these barriers and developing innovative strategies to overcome them, these projects represent important and concrete steps for the long-term economic stability and prosperity of women in our country.

To date, more than 345 projects across Canada have been approved for a total of $15 million in funding. This work will help create real, positive impacts in Canadians’ lives from coast to coast to coast.

 Achieving gender equality in Canada will take the collective efforts of all of us. Whether we represent governments, the private sector or civil society, we must all work together to create real and lasting change.

That’s why the efforts of organizations like SOFIFRAN are invaluable.